Moscow as a capital and the largest city of Russia represents rather a vast historic and cultural heritage and impetuously develops its tourist potential. Geographical location of Moscow, its fast development and modernization of its transport networks turns the city into the starting point of tourist routs that spread all over the country.

Moscow airports are largest transport terminals not only in Russia but all over the world, as well. Moreover, all four international airports are located in the near vicinity of the city and joined to its center through convenient and fast railway routes.

A formidable and diverse list of Moscow places of interest is continuously enlarged by new objects. Now, there are more than 60 museums and exhibition centers, about hundred theaters and a lot of modern cinemas in Moscow.

A dynamically developing sports infrastructure of the city allows it to host top-tier national and international sports competitions with a great number of participants and visitors.

There are multiple hotels in Moscow for choice ranging from posh to economy class hotels. Expensive four- or five-star hotels are mostly operated by well-known international companies. A lot of hotels are situated in historic buildings of the city that have been recently repaired and reconstructed. Central high-ranking hotels are, as a rule, located in the walking vicinity of the key places of interest of Moscow. Multiple 3- and 2-star hotels, new and totally renovated, appeared in Moscow after a number of sport events of the World Football Championship were successfully held.
Tourism is actively developed as one of the chief prioritized concepts of the Moscow renovation program this is the matter of special attention.

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